JACK ‘n JILL Calbee Elevates 2022 with Bowls of Joy – One Bowl, Double the Joy!

With the last two years being challenging for many Malaysians and in the spirit of #KitaJagaKita, JACK ‘n JILL Calbee wants to herald the New Year of 2022 with its Bowls of Joy campaign built upon the true spirit of togetherness and festivity. One bowl will bring double joy to consumers as well as those who are less fortunate. 

Simply follow these steps to Double the Joy with One Bowl:

  1. PURCHASE RM12 worth of JACK ‘n JILL Calbee.
  2. REDEEM a limited-edition Joy Bowl.
  3. SCAN the QR code on the paper insert that comes with the Joy Bowl and rice will be donated to those in need on your behalf.

JACK ‘n JILL Calbee is proud to be collaborating with Food Aid Foundation, a non-government organisation (NGO) to bring 4,000kg of rice to the B40 communities. JACK ‘n JILL Calbee has donated the first 1,000kg of rice to Food Aid Foundation Malaysia on 23rd December 2021 to kick-start the Bowls of Joy Campaign.

So, join us and do your part, as you are enjoying JACK ‘n JILL Calbee, you will also be contributing to the less fortunate. Joy for you and joy for them!

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