Jack ‘n Jill Cloud 9 Wafret Shows the Brighter Side of Things through 

Wappening Wafret Stories

Did you know that Cloud 9 luscious chocolate wafer comes in three exciting flavours – Chocolate, Kaya Pandan and Vanilla and that each individual pack of Cloud 9 has twin wafers in it? It is now available in a vibrant new packaging. A crowd favourite during snack time for both the young and young at heart. 

Cloud 9 also introduces Wappening Wafret Stories that will not only entertain but also lighten up your mood when it feels like there are so many things to fret about like MCO, social distancing, no travelling, because every fret can be fun with a Wafret!

For more fun and excitement, Cloud 9 Wafret invites fans to share their own Wappening Wafret conversations and stories. The 3 best Wappening Wafret Stories will be featured not only on Cloud 9 FB and IG, but also on digital billboards around the Klang Valley on 12th and 13th June 2021! 

So, what do you need to do to see your name and Wappening Wafret Story up on screen? 

Step 1
  • Download the JACK ‘n JILL Cloud 9 Wafret ‘Why Fret When You Can Wafret’ Social Media Campaign template from the JACK ‘n JILL Cloud 9 Facebook page at cloud9malaysia or Instagram @cloud9my

Step 2

  • Select one of the templates and fill in the 2 dialogue bubbles in the template with your Cloud 9 Wafret’s ‘Wappening Wafret Story’. 
  • Fill in the first bubble with your own fret.
  • Fill in the second bubble with how you turn your fret into the brighter side of things with Cloud 9 Wafret.

Step 3

  • Post the template with your STORY onto your Facebook or Instagram and tag JACK ‘n JILL Cloud 9 Facebook @cloud9malaysia or Instagram @cloud9my and #WhyFretWhenYouCanWafret #Cloud9MY

Share and lighten up someone’s day with your very own Wappening Wafret Story!

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